DX9 Transmitter


RC pilots at the top of their game need a transmitter that can keep up. The DX18 does that and more with extensive programming for aircraft, helis and gliders as well as providing real-time telemetry and the option to increase channels with X-Plus channel expansion.

The Spektrum DX18 is capable of transmitting on 18 channels proportionally and will competently fulfill the demanding requirements even of the most challenging aircraft. Supplied with an AR9020 X-Plus capable nine channel receiver, expansion is easily achieved with the addition of and X-Plus expansion module(SPMXP8000). Just plug the module into the AR9020 and bind it. The DX18 will automatically detect the extra channels and give the menu options needed to assign the extra functions. It's just what anyone who flies complex scale models or high-performance sailplanes needs.

New with the Spektrum DX18 is Absolute Servo travel definition that limits the travel to a programmed limited value even if the total values of the mix would create a longer throw.

Ten flight modes are available in glider mode, which covers all required parameters. The innovative Flight mode matrix gives perfect assistance for fast and safe programming.

A programmable time shift in the integrated sequencer of the DX18 activates mix functions. That enables two functions, for example Gear and Gear doors, to one programmable function.

Powerful Features for the Expert Pilot.

The Spektrum AirWare™ software that comes in the DX18 transmitter offers all the programming features an expert pilot could want. And the intuitive SimpleScroll™ interface makes navigating menus and changing settings as simple as "roll and click." It's almost like using a mouse.

Many Spektrum AirWare features are innovations you won't find anywhere else, innovations that make flying safer and programming easier.

Pro-Class Programming for Sailplanes
In addition to extensive airplane and heli programming, the DX18 transmitter has the most impressive sailplane programming features you'll find in any handheld transmitter. Ten available flight modes, 5 wing types, 3 tail types, 2 motor types, flap delay with elevator compensation-it has it all. You even have the ability to adjust individual servo characteristics (end points, travel, center, etc.) for all 18 channels.

Built-in Sequencer
Program a sequence of switch-activated events with time delays between each event. For instance, with a flip of the gear switch you could have an auxiliary channel open landing gear doors, then have the retract channel lower the landing gear, followed by the auxiliary channel closing the gear doors after the gear is extended.

Built-in Servo Balancer
No more will you need a complicated network of little boxes littering your fuselage if you want to balance servos. You can precisely balance the output of CCPM swash servos or multiple servos on a single control surface using a 7-point curve mix.

X-PLUS Channel Expansion
Both the DX18 transmitter and its AR9020 receiver are X-Plus capable, meaning you can add up to eight extra switch channels with an X-Plus channel expansion module. You just plug the module into the AR9020 and bind it. It's just what anyone who flies complex scale models or high-performance sailplanes needs.


The DX18 transmitter is equipped with a built-in telemetry feature that gives you real-time information on things like your model's battery voltage, signal quality, engine or motor temperature, airspeed, altitude and more.

It will also log the telemetry data to its SD card so you can review it after the flight. Just connect a Spektrum TM1000 or TM1100 Air Telemetry Module (both sold separately) to the AR9020 receiver. There is a wide array of Spektrum telemetry sensors for tracking just about any vital model function you can think of, and new ones are being added all the time.


Advanced Ergonomics are the key to a well-balanced radio; one that is comfortable in the pilot's hands with easy to reach sticks and all of the switches and knobs. The large backlit LCD display ensures setting up all of the multiple channels and assigning all of the controls is easy on the eye and Spektrum's AirWare™ software has all of the programming functions a pilot could want. The intuitive SimpleScroll™ interface makes navigating menus and changing settings as simple as "roll and click". It's almost like using a mouse.


  • Side rotary knobs
  • 18 Channel with X plus
  • Spektrum DSMX
  • Mode 1 -4
  • Low weight
  • Twin antennas, one fixed and a second antenna in handle
  • 50 internal Model memory plus nearly unlimited Model memory storage capacity on SD Card
  • Large backlit 192x96 LCD Display
  • SD Card
  • X-Plus Technology
  • AirWare™ Software with heli, aircraft and glider modules
  • 10 Wing type configurations
  • 6 Swashplate types
  • 2 Motor glider configurations
  • Free assignable channels
  • Free assignable switches
  • LiPo battery and integrated global charger
  • Up to 10 individually customised flight modes
  • Individual Flight mode names
  • Flight mode priority switch
  • Absolute Servo travel definition
  • Balance Function with 7 point curve for all servo channels
  • Sequencer for servo mixes with time shift
  • Preflight Checklist
  • Telemetry with Flight log
  • 12 programmable Mixes
  • Programmable Voice Alerts New for 2014
  • Wireless Trainer Link New for 2014
  • 250-model memory New for 2014
  • 6 aileron wing type New for 2014
  • Canard mixing with elevon wing type New for 2014
  • 0.5% mixing increments New for 2014
  • Origin mixing New for 2014
  • Expanded model memory avatar selection New for 2014
  • Direct access to servo monitor from main screen New for 2014


Number of Channels: 18
Modulation: DSMX
Band: 2.4GHz
Servos: None included
Receiver: Spektrum's AR9020
Programming Features: Airplane/Helicopter/Sailplane
Model Memory: 50
Transmitter Battery Type: 2600mAh (19.24Wh) - 2S LiPo
Charger: Global
Experience Level: Advanced

AR9020 9-Channel DSMX/XPlus Receiver

The Spektrum™ AR9020 is a 9-channel DSMX® receiver that gives you the option of adding extra channels simply by plugging a Spektrum X-Plus4 or X-Plus8 channel expander into its SRXL port. This makes it ideal for scale modelers who like to push realism to the extreme with working accessories and lights, in addition to regular control functions. The AR9020 also includes two small, remote receivers that let you take advantage of patented Spektrum MultiLink™ technology. The remote receivers allow the AR9020 to “see around” conductive materials in the model and maintain a solid signal in any attitude.


- 9-channel full range receiver
- Includes one internal and two remote receivers
- SmartSafe™ failsafe system
- Flight Log and Telemetry compatible (optional)
- Patented MultiLink™ receiver technology
- X-Plus compatible
- QuickConnect™
- 2048 Resolution
- High-speed 11ms operation when used with capable


Modulation: DSM
Band: 2.4GHz
Length: 41mm (1.61 in)
Width: 23mm (0.91 in)
Height: 20mm (0.79 in)
Weight: 11.9g (0.42 in)
Voltage Range: 3.5-9.6V
Antenna Length:  31mm

SPM18100EUC Spektrum DX18 18 Channel System Generation 2 Md2
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