Perry Lambert

Trevor Poots

Born: August 1955
Star Sign: Leo
Flying since: Since 1983 (Over 30 years)
First Plane: MFI Yamamoto with OS 40 Glow engine
Favourite plane: Too many to choose from really but if I have to pick one it would be an Extra 300
Favourite show: About 10 years ago I would have said Woodvale, but it has changed so much over the years that Wings and Wheels would now be my preferred.
Favourite flying style: Precision Aerobatics would be my favourite but over the years I have participated in Funfly, Gliding and even in the early days played a bit with Scale so really I enjoy a bit of everything
What models do you have at the moment: Too many to mention but beyond the many large scale models we have which include most of the Hangar 9 range I enjoy flying the Parkzone “VisionAire” and the “ArtiZan” which are two great models that you can take anywhere as they are easily transported and great flyers.
Be patient and enjoy this great hobby, choose a model aligned to your experience as you progress, don’t expect to fly the Spitfire on day 1 as your disappointment may put you off the Hobby.

Outside interests:
Beyond my day job, building model aircraft would take up most of my spare time. I enjoy nothing more than getting to the workshop after a day in work, building some of the large 43% aircraft for Matthew can eat a lot of your spare time. I also enjoy photography which integrates well with the Aeromodelling scene.
Favourite film:
Don’t really have one. Sadly I cannot remember the last time I watched a film.
Country and Western, Enjoy Garth Brooks type of music.
All types of seafood, but will not turn away steak and chips.
Favourite Animal:
Can’t say I have a favourite, my wife has a few cats which are really good company.
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