Twenty Two 2.0

TLR03002 1:10 22 2.0 2WD Buggy Race Kit

In the pursuit of excellence, little details all add up to considerable differences as any competitor can testify. Paying attention to those details will have profound effects on the end result, leaving you faster and leaving your competitors further behind in your wake. Just because the detail isn’t immediately obvious doesn’t necessary mean it’s gone untouched or unnoticed. Look again and the difference becomes obvious – as does the improvement in lap times, consistency and overall performance.

The Team Losi Racing Twenty Two 2.0 is testament to a philosophy that demands perfection in every detail and whilst, to the casual onlooker, it may look largely unchanged from it’s ground-breaking innovative predecessor, only the fool-hardy would dismiss the attention to detail that’s gone into honing and further perfecting the Twenty Two 2WD buggy platform.

Dustin Evans

22 2..0Pedigree and Heritage
Its predecessor proved to be a devastatingly fast chassis and one that would reward the driver with incredible corner speed and near-indestructible durability. In many aspects, it redefined and set the new norm for what a 1:10 Electric 2WD Off Road Racing buggy needed to be. It was the first commercially available buggy that could be built, out of the box, as either a traditional 3-gear rear-motor buggy with the motor slung behind the rear axle line or as a modern, 4-Gear mid-motor buggy where the motor is mounted in front of the axle line so that the mass is more equally distributed and contained within the wheelbase. And it was the first to prove the now-current design ethos of the longer wheelbase for enhancing handling and consistent power delivery.

The Twenty Two 2.0 builds upon the awesome reputation of the original, adding popular hop-up options as standard and incorporating several small but significant geometry changes that all contribute towards a less aggressive and easier driving experience – something that will reward many racers at all levels through increased consistency and improved wheel-to-wheel raceability. It can still be built as either a rear motor or a mid motor buggy out of the one box but it now adds popular team hop-ups, incorporates several small detail running changes and throws in a host of detail geometry changes and revisions that combine to make the Twenty Two 2.0 easier and faster to drive for longer.

HDS Slipper Clutch System

The innovative steering rack, a hallmark of the Twenty Two platform has been revised to allow for Ackermann adjustability and whilst the bodyshell is unmistakable as being a TLR Twenty Two, it now features added clearance for the battery thumbscrews but if you missed the detail changes in the bodyshell, there’s no mistaking the dramatically different 6.5inch rear wing that’s now made from ultra thick lexan and sculpted to provide even more reassuring downforce right where you need it most.

The Team Losi Racing Twenty Two has always been fast – now, the Twenty Two 2.0 enables that speed to be more easily accessed. The same legendary toughness remains and many of the tuning options and spares from it’s predecessor can still be used but from front to rear, from chassis up the new Twenty Two 2.0 has left no stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence. 4mm trailing axles are included as standard but the whole spindle and spindle carrier system has also been revised to provide a more consistent corner feel throughout the turn. This results in a feel that empowers the driver to push. Carving the turn but also releasing it when required. Thousands upon thousands of laps have been turned by the Team in honing this package. Countless hours of testing, development, design and redesign have gone into refining and defining the new Twenty Two 2.0. Testing on dirt, astro, carpet, clay, grass and even sugar has resulted in a more consistent performing package in a wider range of conditions and for a wider, more aggressive driving style. Tiny changes in many instances – but changes that go to make big differences.

Machined pistons and shock internal spacers, allied to revised X-style O-rings endow the 12mm big bore dampers with reduced operational friction and less frequent maintenance requirements whilst TiCN coated shock shafts and suspension hinge pins further enhance the suspension’s plush action and durability. Threaded outer hinge pins are now included as standard along with the popular TLR alloy spacer washers, aluminium alloy front bulkhead and aluminium rear-motor camber plate. Alloy clamping wheel hexes are also included along with improved HD rear wheel bearings and a new HD slipper clutch assembly. Diff balls and thrust balls are now Tungsten Carbide as standard and even the diff lube itself has been revised to ensure that it provides the best and most consistent diff action possible. Revisions to the wishbones see a new inner shock location being added to the rears to allow for a more reactive set up for extremely bumpy or low grip conditions whilst the majority of the geometry changes centre around the front end – all designed and tested to improve lap times, consistency and overall raceability.

And it’s not just on the track where the attention to detail has been directed. Little details like the fact that the rear (forward) suspension carrier now has a fixing screw to hold it in place will make mid-motor runners weep with envy and similarly, those that don’t like hook and loop battery fastening will rejoice at the thought of a more conventional battery strap and thumbscrew arrangement (for rear motor runners) or the hinged battery brace that can double up as an ESC mount for mid motor runners. The mounts that accommodate the older hook and loop system are still there if you want them – but the attention to detail now offers alternative options should you so wish it.

New Battery Strap

Completion Level: Kit
Scale: 1/10th
Length/Width/Height: 372.4mm / 245.0mm / 200.0mm
Wheelbase: 283.4mm
Track: Front: 241.0mm Rear: 243.8mm
Chassis: 2.5mm 7075-T6 Aluminium
Suspension: 4-wheel Independent
Drivetrain: 2WD
Differential: Ball Differential
Spur Gear: 78T or 70T
Gear Pitch: 48-pitch
Internal Gear Ratio: 2.43:1
Body: Clear Lexan
Ball Bearings: Complete Vehicle
  • New Spindle and Caster Block with Revised Geometry
  • Threaded King Pins and Outer Hinge Pins
  • Aluminium Front Pivot
  • New Steering Rack with Ackermann Adjustment
  • Aluminium Ball Stud Spacers throughout
  • TiCn Coated Hinge Pins and Shock Shafts
  • Adjustable Hard-Mount Battery Holder
  • Aluminium Rear Camber Block
  • Revised Rear Hub Carrier with Additional Clearance
  • New Inside Shock Mounting Location
  • Gen II Shocks with Machined Plastics and X-Ring Seals
  • Adjustable CVA Offset
  • Update Differential
  • HDS Slipper with Octagonal Design

Neede To Complete
  • Assembly Tools
  • 2-Channel Radio and Receiver
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • 540-Sized Motor
  • Pinion Gear
  • Steering Servo
  • 1/10th 2WD Front Tyres and Inserts
  • 1/10th 2WD Rear Tyres and Inserts
  • Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Polycarbonate Paint
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